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This Alpha stud is a mere 20 years old, but has been hung as a horse (and really hung, not just the word people throw around these days) since he was 13. He learned very early on how to control his orgasms, and how to recover quickly. He worked part time in the lab at the university he attended, but spent his weekends wrecking men’s assholes and sluts’ vaginas alike. He could have up to 30 orgasms a day, at least. He often earned in the quad digits in terms of money per night, because many thought of him as a god. He never failed to let his cock show when someone questioned his masculinity. After all, he was only 20, right? Like it mattered. The length and girth of his cock had torn apart marriages, ruined relationships, stretched virgins open to widths that no other cock could satsify, and demasculinated scores of other men. Such is the right of an Alpha.

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